Sizonke Services cc is a well established industrial company with over 15 years of experience and specializing in 5 main areas in the Witbank region.

1. Fleet Maintenance
2. Industrial Cleaning
3. Dam and reservoir cleaning
4. Dredging
5. Pump hire

Fleet Maintenance:
We currently maintain fleets for: Eskom, Department of Correctional Services, South African Defense Force, Witbank Hospital, Wesbank First Auto, McCarthy Kunene, Moto Rite, McSure Insurance, Stannic Fleet.

Some of the mechanical and electrical work done: repairs to engines, gearboxes, differentials, brakes, suspensions, starters, alternators, wiring, lights, wipers.

We also supply the following products: Bosch, Gedore, GUD, Hella, Cole Herse, Osram, Delco, Ram fan belts and water pipes.

Industrial Cleaning:
We currently do high pressure jetting to unblocked and clean slurry, ash and sand from sewers and storm water drain pipes. We also do vacuuming of dust, ash, sump and water. We have access to bio remediation products (designed locally) to clean oil and other spillages. We have the ability to remediate soil on site and remove all hydrocarbons through an environmentally safe process.

Dam and reservoir cleaning:
Our pumping equipment, which is owned by the business, allows us to clean reservoirs, settling dams, pump slurry, water, sand and ash.

We have a fully operational dredger at our disposal. It has the ability to suck from 6m deep and pump to a head of 30m. The dredger is fitted with a Warman 660 sand pump and a 500mm Orger that are hydraulically driven by a 5 cylinder deutz engine. Staffs are training in using this equipment.

Pump hire:
We hire out wier mineral submersible and diesel suction pumps. We also maintain pumping operations and have oversight of the pump performance.


Onyx Leather Care specialises in restoration of Leather, Vinyl and Plastic.
Onyx Leather Care also does repairs and re-dye's to Dashboards, Motor Trim, Roof Lining, Consoles, Vinyl / leather Seats, Door Pads, Convertible Tops, Carpets, Lounge Suites, Dining Room Chairs and Boats & Aircraft.